A Night of Performances with the VLC Band and Invited Friends

Live performance, 60 mins
HD video, stereo sound, 10 min 
Participants: Koa Pham, Trâm Nguyen, VLC Band (Dan Tran, Doc Ngo, Thanh Long, Frankie, Hung, Hùng, Quang, Ngọc Nga, Quyen).

Commissioned by Asymmetry Art Foundation on Friday 23rd February 2024, ‘A Night of Performances with bones tan jones, Will Pham & VLC Band, 6:30pm-9pm to inaugurate Asymmetry’s new public space.

A live performance of nostalgic songs by the VLC band from Centre 151, a Hackney-based community centre set up in 1985, formerly known as the Community Centre for Refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (VLC).

Evoking memories of the artist’s experience attending events at the VLC Centre when he was little, Pham will narrate his experience as part of the Vietnamese refugee community through video projections of archival materials looking at Lunar New Year parties, Viet joy and style, with vocal contributions by invited friends, Koa Pham and Trâm Nguyen.

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Photo credit: Vero Chen

Film stills from performance documentation on Friday 23rd February 2024, 6:30-9pm at Asymmetry Art Foundation

Rehearsal photos with Mr Lai and Koa Pham at Centre 151 on Saturday 10th February 2024