2013- 2017
Choreographic practise, rehearsals, live performances, video documentation, photographs, various situations and props

Conversation with Christabelle Peters
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This body of work is a study of choreographic movement beginning from a Martial Arts practice in a community centre in Tottenham, then incorporating a mixture of other forms within an art gallery context: tai chung kung fu, tai chi, muay thai kickboxing, voguing, masquerade, kizomba, butoh, postmodern dance, capoeira and yoga.

In this body of work, Pham is interested in the ‘score’ and games used to communicate new movement through play, improvisation and documentation usually by bringing a range of collaborators together. Pham is interested in using choreography to understand and dissent to internal and external systems of power which control and regulate the body such as culture, ideology and the environment. The works are made in relation to anxiety and precarity in London where bodies are under constant pressures to produce, discipline, improve and extract value.


Katie Dale-Everett
Eliza Soroga
David Kam
Rosalie Bell

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