Text by Brian Griffiths, 2018

Will has throughout his diverse art practice continued to pursue knowledge and understanding through creative and innovative research, whether this is by production of artwork, text or curated projects. For Will his art practice is seen as a primary site for critical and analytical thought.  He uses art as a means of creating, and recreating new relationships between people. A creative practice that is build on ideas of discursive exchange and negotiation and how to present, and represent particular communities. There is a questioning of models of social engagement (from the position of visual artist), working procedures and frameworks, notions of good practice, intentionality vs creative outcomes and the complex ethics of collaboration.

Will’s has been working with different forms of archive both existing and building personal cultural archives (British-Vietnamese Southeast Asian Archive Project – ongoing) over the last two years — This is understood a significant means to store, recover and collect cultural historical knowledge and memory. The use and creation of particular archives has moved Will’s practice into the fields as anthropology, critical theory, history, and political theory.  The archive, and its many forms, have become a key resource, artistic material and a working tool for his creative practice.