Little Vietnam
Super 8 film, transfer to digital, stereo sound, colour
16 mins 40 sec
Family run restaurant 2013- Present

Channel 4 Resettling the boat people 1984
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Little Vietnam is a super 8 film with music by French-Vietnamese Taipei based composer, An Ton That. The film is an elevated cinematic family photo album made in relation to objects in the home and family restaurant. The film follows Pham’s own family during Easter and at work, reflecting on the nature of charity, gratitude and ongoing irregular migrations to the UK.

The film focuses on creating new records of family instead of focusing on historical depersonalised documents of vietnamese refugees from news reports. The work is about imagining the restaurant space as a cinema, a backdrop to an ongoing drama of migration and identity.


Exhibited at Turf Projects
Photo credit: Tim Bowditch
Music: An Ton That
Cinematography support: JC
With thanks to everyone at Turf Projects and funding by Arts Council England & Croydon Council

Little Vietnam Restaurant
Photo credit: Google review 

© Will Pham