HD video, stereo sound
12 mins
Participants: Julia Thanh, Dr Tamsin Barber, Keith, Huyen
Camera and sound assist: Andy Dolan

This film explores irregular migration from Vietnam to the UK with the support of Dr Tamsin Barber’s research.

The work explores the ways in which migrants are encouraged to craft a ‘legend’, in order for them to pass hostile immigration borders to allow refuge in the UK.

The video emphasises the use of performance and storytelling based on individual and collective trauma vs bureaucratic legislative language.

This project is funded by the Elephant Trust Award.

This work will be screened along with 3 other films at LUX on Saturday 23rd March 2024 from 2pm-4pm, followed by an in conversation with Will Pham, Dr Diana Yeh and Dr Tamsin Barber.

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Film stills

New Works Film screening at LUX London, Saturday 23rd March 2024 2pm-4pm. In conversation with Dr Diana Yeh and Dr Tamsin Barber. Photo credits: Ada Hao, Yash Zhang