An Viet (Well Settled)

HD video, stereo sound
19 mins 20 sec
Sound design: Rob Szeliga
Colour grading: Clara Jo

Made with support by Royal Academy Schools, Hackney Chinese Community Services and the An Viet Foundation.

This film explores the An Viet Foundation- a closed down community centre in Hackney serving former Vietnamese refugees for over 35 years. The film presents a range of found materials inside the building, and a reading from Toan Vu, from his father’s autobiography.

Trailer version

Installation view at The Whitechapel Gallery, The London Open 2022, July 2022- September 2022
Photo credit: Damian Griffiths

Installation view at The Royal Academy Schools, The Schools show 2018, June 2018- July 2018
Photo credit: Andy Keate

Installation view at Space 39_ Berlin, November 1st 2018- 30th November 2018
Photo credit: TROI OI (Sung Tieu and Nhu Duong)

Installation view at Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan, December 1st 2018- 30th December 2018
Mandarin translation and photo credit: Taipei Artist Village