24 MAY - 6 JULY 2019   
Solo exhibition at Turf Projects

29 OCTOBER 2019 
Screening selected by DAM Projects, Closeup Cinema

24 APRIL - 12 JULY 2020
Solo exhibition at CFCCA Manchester


Born in London, 1990

BA Fine Art, Chelsea UAL, 2013
MA Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools, 2018

Full CV on request

An Viet Foundation, Hackney, London

Record, Retrieve, Reactivate, 2018
A series of actions to revitalise a closed down community centre in collaboration with Cuong Pham
Photo Credit: Hau Yu Tam

An Viet (Well Settled), 2018
HD video, stereo sound, 19:20mins
Installation view at the Royal Academy of Art, London
Photo credit: Andy Keate
‘An Viet (Well Settled)’, 2018, is a video installation exploring the history and current reality of An Viet Foundation- a closed down community centre in Hackney formerly serving Vietnamese refugees for over 35 years providing language support, employment training, business advice, health and social activities, the first Vietnamese UK housing association, a restaurant and a Southeast Asian research institute. It was founded by Mr Vu Thanh Khanh MBE who was a Vietnamese boat refugee, the first Vietnamese councillor for Hackney and recieved a MBE from the Queen in 2006.
Photo credit: Andy Keate

Installation view as part of ‘Diaspora, Ma Homey’, Space_31, Berlin, 2018
Photo credit: TROI OI

Installation view as part of ‘Asia, Art, Activism’, Raven Row, London, 2018
Photo credit: Will Pham

An Viet (Well Settled), 2018 (excerpt)
Full video on request

Installation view as part of ‘Record, Retrieve, Reactivate’,
An Viet Foundation, London, 2018
Photo credit: Jalaikon

Installation view as part of ‘Taipei Artist Village’, Taiwan, 2018
Photo credit: TAV

Family Tree in Vietnam, 2018
Photo credit: Will Pham

Revisiting the Boat People, Channel 4 News, 1984

Little Vietnam, 2019 (excerpt)
Super 8 film transferred to digital, stereo sound, 16:40mins
Music composed by An Ton Nhat 
Full video on request

Turf Projects presents a new commission, ‘Little Vietnam’, the first UK solo exhibition by London-born artist Will Pham. Pham presents a super 8 film paired with a musical score by An Ton Nhat creating a reflective space to meditate on history, reconciliation and gratitude using image and sound. Pham has also provided a range of books and a Channel 4 TV report in 1984 about the vietnamese refugees in Britain which contextualises and frames the work in this exhibition.

Interior view as part of ‘Little Vietnam’, Turf Projects, 2019
Photo credit: Tim Bowditch

Photo credit: Tim Bowditch
Conversation extract with Natalie Tan

Tan: You said at the opening you didn’t want to produce another work that othered Vietnamese refugees. It’s important to never forget, but why should people who have experienced trauma have it constantly–
Pham: define them.
Tan: –exactly, and constantly be trapped in that trauma. In the last few works that you’ve made, that aspect [of trauma] is unspoken, and your work has become more about the resilience of people when they leave and have to start all over again. And the fight for that normalcy, the fight to buy a house, or to establish a community. There’s aesthetically a great delicacy to the work in its portrayal of that resilience; it’s calm and quiet, but it doesn’t feel easy.

Photo credit: Tim Bowditch

Photo credit: Tim Bowditch